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We are an Irish couple, two doctors who love to travel and discover gems so unassumingly hidden in small corners of the world. The idea to create a store with just one pearl necklace and take the confusion out of shopping for pearls came to us after our extensive journey through Asia. There we encountered some small age-old family-owned pearl producers. Having come upon such treasures, we knew we had to share them.

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Tropica Pearls is all about superb quality pearls. Choosing pearls can be tough with so many sizes, grades, origins… There are too many criteria to list. The devil is in the detail, or so they say. We go through the painstaking process of choosing pearls that are hard to come by, so that you don’t have to. The result is a signature necklace that would universally add a lustrous accent to any image.
Being so deeply specialised, we are able to choose the finest pearls, not mass-marketed, while delivering the best possible value. Our mission is to meticulously curate our pearls resulting in just one elegantly-presented irresistible necklace. It is a truly luxurious find.
Many of our customers return for this tested gift that would suit a younger or an older woman. 

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The quintessential Irish blogger Leanne Woodfull rocking Tropica Pearls pearls with a leather jacket

Catherine Carton, style queen and domestic goddess, wearing Tropica Pearls with a floral ensemble

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