Perfect gift for your girlfriend

Why is this pearl necklace such a perfect gift?

If you are a gentleman looking for a gift for your girlfriend, you are in the right place. You may be wondering why we designed a whole store carrying just one piece? We have five reasons, each of which makes your life easier.

 1. It is a piece of jewelry

This signals that you have taken the time to look for something she would really enjoy having. But! Unlike any pieces that are made primarily of precious metals or stones, it is a generous gift that doesn't carry all the seriousness that comes with rings and pendants. It is like a very nice silk scarf but much better because…

 2. It is a must-have.

There will always be a right moment to wear pearls. It depends on her own inclination, but pearls look equally appropriate at a job interview, cocktails with her friends, dinner with your parents or going in to town to do a few chores. Naturally, they will last and never go out of fashion.

 3. A memorable unboxing experience.

Our luxurious packaging will prompt her to store the pearls in their original box. Guess who she’ll be thinking of any time she reaches for the pearls?

4. No tyranny of choice for you.

We have gone through the process of picking the most versatile set of pearls. We will take you through it here in short. The size is neither dainty, nor overstated, suiting a lady of literally any age. The length, known as princess length, is universally accepted as flattering to all outfit necklines. The white colour with warm overtones will suit every skin tone and bring out her eyes and smile. The shape is neatly round. The origin is carefully selected to ensure superb quality without an excessive price tag. You can see that we only carry one product: we walk the walk when it comes to providing the ideal in pearls. Created by a couple, Tropica Pearls are the result of countless rounds of scrutiny and criticism from both a man and a woman to yield the finest. You can read more about pearl selection and how we compare to other vendors here.

5. Free worldwide shipping

We ship free all around the world and are easily reachable by email on

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